Anthony Ferro

PROD 245 gave me great insight insight into the design world and I am very happy with the knowledge I came out with.  It made me explore many different outlets of design and helped me better discover the avenue I want to take when approaching COOP.  Of course, I am very grateful to have worked on professional elements such as portfolio, resumes and business card design because it gave me a great base to further perfect in the future. Furthermore, it really helped me understand what I want out of design.  I always knew I loved designing, but I never had a concrete understanding of my exact values.  Now I am aware of what my real inspirations and goals for the future are.  This class was a great bridge between my 15 years of schooling and the professional world.  It helped me change my mindset and prepare for whats ahead.   


PROD 245 was a very valuable experience for me. It forced me to look at myself and evaluate what my values are as a designer and what I have to offer when I come to graduate and am thrown into “the real world.” Through this process I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, and learned more about Product Design as a professional field  than I ever would have on my own. 
At the start of this term, I found it extremely difficult to explain what my design philosophy is, and stemming from that I was still having trouble developing an aesthetic which I felt was representative of my personality in a professional manner. This course gave me the opportunity to explore graphic styles and understand potential job opportunities, and I am now more comfortable presenting myself in a professional environment as a designer.

Thanks for the journey of self discovery! May the rest of our paths be filled with opportunities, passion, and lessons.

Jemma Frost

PROD 245 was a valuable class to take before venturing into the professional world on our co ops next year. Before the class, I found defining my design philosophy in a succinct way to be near impossible. Now, I can confidently say what kind of designer I hope to be. While I still have many questions and uncertainties concerning my future, I now feel like I have the tools to walk into an interview and sell myself. This class gave me confidence in who I am as a designer, and assuaged some of my anxieties about entering the working world.

Thanks for the fun, 9 Prodlums!

JFortunato – Final Post

In Prod 245 we began our ascent into the professional world.  We built portfolios to showcase our work, examined our design philosophies, and even created business cards.  We were forced to look at our goals and start creating ourselves as product designers in order to achieve those goals.  I came into this class expecting nothing but a lecture, but found that it made me think much more about what I wanted to do with my time here at Drexel, and how that will affect the path I choose for the future.

It showed me that I still have a lot of work to do before I get to the professional world, but now I’m confident that Drexel will see me through to a better future.

MATT NOLAN Final Wrap Up

PROD 245 was a really great experience for me, and I definitely learned a lot about the Product Design field but also about myself. It was definitely a struggle at first to picture myself in a professional scenario, and I entered this term with a lot of ideas about what I wanted but also a lot of fears about what I knew I absolutely didn’t want out of this degree and out of the design world as a whole. The self-reflective presentation posters we created were a really great tool to help me figure out what exactly I’m good at and where my skills can be fit in to the design field. We developed portfolios and resumes and learned about the many different ways to make a living in the design world, and gaining this knowledge has been such an exciting experience. Moving forward, I’m definitely going to put a lot of work in on my resume and portfolio, as well as making sure I establish a good online presence and work harder at being able to display and present my work with confidence. I’m looking forward to figuring out more about myself and this world and seeing what the future holds for me!


In Prod245 we took concrete steps to develop our personal design philosophies. We defined our aesthetic language, organized our professional work, and started reaching outside of the school to make connections with designers in the field. We put our projects online for review, built our portfolios, made business cards, and practiced public speaking weekly. Central to the class was sharing and communicating inspiring examples of design with our classmates. We grew together, shared ideas and were encouraged to push eachother. Prod 245 asked us to think seriously about our future goals. Through a combination of introspection, discussion, research and writing, we began the process of fully defining ourselves as designers.

PROD 245 Class Review - Danielle Chen

  I really enjoy having Professional Landscape Seminar class during this summer and it helps me a lot on finding who I really am, who I want to be as a designer, and what I want to do for product design. Starting from the first poster to the last one, I practiced a lot on the graphic design skills which definitely helps me on my business card, portfolio, and resume development. Also, I found the blog post really helpful because I get to see what the other people are seeing outside of class in the design world and we’re sharing our own design philosophies. Going along with the blog post, I also found our class discussions really insightful. We are helping each other based on each person’s personality that we already know and we’re also learning some more new characteristics on those people. I’m really glad that we get to start building our physical portfolio, online portfolio, resume, and business card, and I really appreciate all the feedback that I have got from our professor Sara. Lastly, the elevator speech definitely helps us define our design philosophy and statement.

  This class really builds a strong starting point for our preparation on co-op and I definitely want to redo some of the process for the previous projects, and photoshop some of the pictures that I’m going to put in my portfolio. I also want to start practicing my elevator speech by going to some career events and talking to some people. Besides, I would keep doing some research on some potential companies for co-ops who focus on design research, sustainability and service design.

Ice Cream Bowl Project by Danielle Chen - Product Design Student from Drexel University.

Finding the possibility for ice cream bowls, exploring forms, developing brand languages, and creating physical products.

Fun + Ergonomic + Kid-friendly = Breaker

For more work, please check out my online portfolio on Behance.